Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paula's First Hair Appointment in Vevey- a Suisse Triumph over Adversity

Before we came to Switzerland, one of the things that woke me up at night about this move was the maintenance of my hair color. Not that it is anything that great, but it is mine. I have been going to the same color/stylist for 25 years. Amy Parsons manages to maintain the color God first gave me and it is a nightmare to think of anything else. I would find it easier to get a brain surgeon. She was kind enough to write down her secret color formula and I researched salons that used the same brand finding one just near the Place du Marche in the center of town.  I then used my trusty I-Phone "Translator" program word by word to write down the instructions in French and voila! No surprises no weird colors.  I am now Katarina's client and she patiently followed every instruction adding only small hints of her own. 
I brought Lindsay's friend "Waddles" along for moral support. 

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  1. So glad you found someone you can trust! I'll see Amy next month and make sure to share the entry!