Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We have arrived in Vevey!

 The promenade along Lake Geneva with riders on sea horse statues
 Further down the waterfront walk-that is the Nestle HQ in the background
 Lindsay, Logan, Jack and Jane-this park is the first place we will go when you get to Vevey!

Ice rink next to waterfront walk. People skate for free.
 View back to Vevey toward Montreaux and the Alps
Swans, ducks and wildlife everywhere enjoying a sunny swim in Lake Geneva.

It was a long trip but we made the arrival together as planned.  We took a walk to get rid of the cobwebs and decided Vevey looks OK.
We are spending the night in a hotel tonight and meet Swiss Access (the movers) in the morning to go to our apartment.
Bon Soir.

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  1. glad you made it there safely! looks just beautiful, love the ice skating rink....and i love the blog idea. will look forward to it every day as i know jim has nothing better to do than travel and record his adventures! and eat chocolate.....