Saturday, January 21, 2012

Room with a "View"

We moved into the apartment on Thursday. Using that term loosely as in, we moved all we had in our suitcases. Our personal stuff was shipped and freight has been delayed until Sunday. Apparently nothing happens on Sundays in Switzerland so we will get our boxes sometime next week after they clear customs.
Here is a challenge for the readers: we have at least 12 large blank white walls. There is one Cannon Beach poster and a few pictures coming.  What does one put in all this blank space that doesn't cost a ton of money and helps personalize? Take a look at the pictures and comment with your best advice please.

Yes , we live on Avenue Nestle. 

 The front of the building -we are in the salmon colored section.

 Most of the apartments feature some kind of commercial space on the ground floor. I guess appliances are better than living over a stinky restaurant.
 Also, the local rental car place is on the floor of our building. Nestle gets a decent rate that I think we can share with our friends.
 Boring entry-I should have brought my fabulous urns.
 The entry hall is nice and big with big storage closets on both sides.
 The kitchen is fine except that there is only one electrical outlet and at least 3 appliances that need it.  We brought our spice rack from home in our suitcases.
 Our bedroom. Very plain but two huge wardrobes. We'll take a view photo later when the weather is nice. Great Alps view but mountains are fogged in right now.
 Guest bedroom/office. Another decent sized wardrobe and twin trundle beds that make into a king.
 Jack's duckie lays in bed a lot.
 View from guest room with a little Alps in the distance over the roof tops.
 La Salle de Bain. Shower works better than expected.
 Living and diningroom. Yes, that is a BIG yellow sectional.
 Some friends that Lindsay and Jack sent with us.
 Looks like we'll have room to get a grill.
 View toward Lake Geneva from the deck. It will look better on a less "Portland-like" day.
 Our first repast. Be it ever so humble, it is nice to be settled.
 Jim finds this cool. Storage area in the basement has big heavy doors like a bank vault.
The second vault door.  Picture Maxwell Smart entering Control.

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