Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Market To Market to Buy a Fat Pig

The farmer's market is a bi-weekly event on Tuesday and Saturday. Much smaller than Portland's impressive park blocks, etc,  but all the enthusiasm and local color.  Hold onto your wallets. 

 The route to the market down Avenue Nestle

Arrival at the Market. The space is not much but check out the back drop.  It is also the only place in town with free WIFI so people are sitting on the steps desperately clutching their electronic devices. I want to make fun but cannot say I didn't do the same when trying to play Words with Friends.

 See what this lovely lady is holding in her left hand? That is what a 16 Franc Chicken  (roughly $18 US) looks like. 

 Cutting a small hunk of bacon. Retail price....wait for it about $18 lb
 God bless the stupid Americans
 Spreading our meager wealth with the fishmonger. But doesn't he just look like you want a fishmonger to look? 

 The egg lady was nice. At a buck an egg-no wonder. 

Oddly, fruit and vegetables were the best bargain. They are probably all from Italy as it is too cold here to support this produce. 

Bread-the best part
 Le buerre is zat way
 A productive day of shopping and delectable dinners all week.  Au Revoir!


  1. are one of those motor bikes yours? if not, you definitely need to get one!

  2. I could go for some $18/lb bacon, I'm sure it's delicious! Maybe with a martini...