Sunday, January 20, 2013

Larsen Visit - Part 1

No one has missed us more than Jack. He came running out of security saying how great the airplane food was and what an awesome flight that was. It actually is a miserable flight. 

Welcome to the little Larsen's in Geneva Airport

Janie just glad to get in her own chair. We went to the 3 Sifflets Restaurant A classic Swiss place with excellent fondue.

World's largets pepper grinder . 

The restaurant plays the Swiss anthem with every pot of fondue delivered. 

We got a live Christmas Tree and didn't want to buy ornaments just to leave them in Switzerland. Jack and Miss Paula made colorful strands of decor stringing Froot Loops.

 Imagine how Jane helped.

David and Jane on the train to visit Santa's village at Rocher de Nay

Jane had a terrible case of jet lag that lasted 3 days

On the way up the mountains to Santa

At last we are here. What wonders will we see. 

"I'm scared of Santa Claus!"

Great. Now everyone is crying 

Jack recovers on the way down the mountain as he gets a chance to drive the train. 

Santa Claus came to our apartment in Switzerland. Can you imagine!

The hit of Christmas morning was a yodeling marmot. What everyone really wants. 

All dressed up and ready to go to Christmas Dinner

Our good friend, Patty invited us over for dinner. Her 3 children from the US were visiting so we had a  festive dinner party. 

Abby and Michael.  Patty put out a great meal despite the near camping conditions of the undersized kitchen.  

OK it wasn't exactly camping

Megan, Abby and David

Our hostess, Patty. She did a great job making  everyone feel comfortable and welcome. You would never know her family and ours just met. It was a different but wonderful Christmas Day. 

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  1. We loved looking at the pictures! Jack filled in stories for all the pictures without avdescription. Can't wait to see the rest.